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This brand again offers a wide range of both traditional salads as well as a contemporary range. The ranges of salads are available in both retail and foodservice packs. Made with the finest local ingredients. produce their range of health, modern salads for a number of customer groups such as the HSE, schools and colleges as well as a number of contract caterers.

If addition to our food service range we have recently developed a range of retail salads of 400gm

  • Savoury Rice and Cajun Chicken Fillet
  • Pesto Pasta and Chicken
  • Cous Cous and Salmon

Our range of salads is suitable for shops, delis, restaurants, hotels and are packed in 1 kg or 2kg units as well as a new range of retail salads ready to eat and easily displayed on the shelf for your customers to see, in modern contemporary packaging.

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Sandwiches are the countries leading producer of packed lunches and bulk order of sandwiches.  We have provided a range of our packed lunches for school groups, security companies, ceaning companies, sport teams.

We can produce packed lunches from 5.00 each to picnic boxes at 20.00 per guest. We can of course come up with other packed lunches and bulk order of sandwiches to meet your specific needs and budget.

All our salads are produced in house and our range of health filling sandwiches are packed in kraft heat sealed wedges that keep the products safe and fresh.

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